Do you feel suffocated? Are people always laughing at you, how difficult your journey is? Do you sometimes feel others are doing better than you? Perhaps people who are younger than you are doing way better than you in terms of career. They could be earning a 6 or 7 figure salary when you are stuck in one position not because you aren’t doing something about it but for reasons you do not understand. You have sent application after application yet all you receive are regret after regret?


Well today I have come to you with good news. It doesn’t matter how long it has taken. It doesn’t matter to God how you look. It doesn’t matter to God who has gone ahead of you. It doesn’t matter to God who is earning what. All that matters to God is that He loves you. All that matters to God is that He cares for you. All that matters to God is that He is able and nothing is impossible before him. He is a God of possibilities. He will make your life beautiful again. He will turn your mourning into dancing, your tears into laughter.


For your friends, colleagues, relatives who seem to be doing well in life, pray for them. Pray that god blesses them even more. Remember they are in their season. Let them shine. When your season of blessings come, you will also shine. You will glitter. You will be like a light that cannot be put off when your season comes. Prepare for that season by doing what you ought to do. If its job applications, make them and trust in God. If it’s a business, start and trust in God. Whatever it is you need to do, do it invite God to do his bit. He says in His word that “For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to give you hope and a future.” He also says, “All things work together for good.” His word also says that in His own time he makes all things beautiful. So forget the pressures of this world. Don’t pay attention to the humanly seasons but always remember that his timing is always perfect.


God never delays. He is always on time. He will arrive when you least expect it and turn that dire situation into a testimony. Think about it this way-if he blesses you when you are already blessed, maybe you will forget to give Him glory. But if He blesses you in the midst of pain, suffering, lack, then you will have a reason to testify of His goodness. So stay steadfast and know that God will never leave you nor forsake you. He is a God of seasons.

My parting shot to you today is Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. This should encourage you to wait on God.

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.


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  1. Arm yourself with knowledge

As they say, knowledge is power. It will liberate you mentally and even physically. If you are looking to get ahead in career, business or life in general, you got to be knowledgeable. Read widely! To quote my pastor Mr. Ambose Nyangao, “Leaders read and those who read lead.

  1. Have a clear Vision

Set SMART goals for yourself in life. Your vision must be as clear as daylight. There is nowhere you are going if you do not have a vision and goals. To add to that you must devise strategies to help you achieve your life goals and ultimately get you to where you wanna be. A visionless person can be compared to a traveler who sets off for an aimless journey with no known destination. The traveler will of course get fatigued on the way because there is no target, no destination, no motivation, it’s a journey to no known place, a journey to nowhere!

  1. Make a to-do list.

It is absolutely important to make a ‘to do list’ and cross off things that have been achieved daily. A ‘to do list’ is just your daily plan of the things you want to achieve on a daily basis. It is important to celebrate every success however little it is. That gives you the energy, motivation and will to keep going however tough the going may be.

  1. Let go of your past


One of the biggest most people including me do is to hold to our dark, painful, agonizing past occurrences.  We must learn to let go of the past. Our past should only inform our present and future but it does not define us. We must learn from our past mistakes and omissions to live better lives today and in future. To put it plainly, let bygones be bygones. However much you agonize about what you did or failed to do, you will NEVER change your past BUT you have an opportunity to change your present and future!

  1. Develop a positive attitude

My better half always encourages me to try as much as possible to be positive in life. She preaches to me daily that I should stop focusing on the negative side of things and focus only on the positives. I will not pretend that life will always be rosy, NO. There will be ups and downs in life, very painful as well as very happy moments in life. How you deal with your painful moments, rise up from them, dust yourself up, fill yourself with positive energy and tell yourself that your tomorrow will be greater than today will make all the difference. Do not allow yourself to wallow and drown in self-pity and negative energy. Rise up because your situation will surely be better and you can make it better. Tell yourself every morning that you can make it and for sure you will. Smile more often and be good to people. Being good to others will not cost you anything. Remember positive energy attracts positive energy and vice versa so go out there and put a smile on someone’s face today.

  1. Follow your passion


Most people will be fooled into taking short cuts in life just to get ahead. For instance, some of us will take jobs that we do not love just because of the heavy paycheck involved only to become frustrated because that job is not anywhere near what we are passionate about. This is a mistake many young graduates make and by the time we realize we are in the wrong jobs it’s too late in the day. My advice to young people is to please follow your passion. Struggle to do what you are passionate about because at the end of it all, the fruits you will reap will be worth the effort. If you are passionate about a particular career, start down there and build yourself up, gather the knowledge and experience you require and I can assure you that sooner than you think you will be up there. If it’s a business idea that you have, work on it. Those little baby steps will one day grow into long strides like those of Usain Bolt.


  1. Have a mentor

We all need a mentor (s) in life. We need to connect with people who have walked the same path that we want to walk. Someone who has done the business you want to venture in, someone who is senior in a profession you are passionate about, yes someone who has been there before us. We need these people to guide our steps. One advantage of having a mentor is that we do not have to make the same mistakes they have made. Choose your mentors carefully though. In an earlier article I cautioned us against being mentored by failures or losers. A loser will only mentor you to become a fellow loser. Choose people who have success stories for your mentor. You got to swim in the right pond.  People who will tell you how they made it so that you too can follow their footsteps to success.

  1. Work your ass off

work your ass off

Do not choose shortcuts in life. Do not be corrupt because you may never enjoy the proceeds of corruption. People who get ahead in life work their asses off. You got to work hard if at all you want to be wealthy and successful. Wake up early, go out there and work and build an empire for you and your family. If you are employed, I will advise you to work hard BUT ensure your hard work is noticed. If you are not being noticed then you could as well be doing nothing!

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No man is an island. We all live in a community because human beings by their very nature are social animals. In life, we need each other so that we then successfully navigate the unpredictable life occurrences. In the book of Genesis, when God had created man, He saw that man needed a helper. God realized that man could not stand alone and that is why God created Eve from Adam’s rib. That should teach you something, that as a human being you need people around you. But make no mistake to assume that I am saying you need every Tom, Dick and Harry in your life. No I never meant that you need mediocre people in your life. Choose the people you allow in your inner circle carefully. Only have people who impact your life positively in your inner circle. Avoid people who add no value to you or those who pull you down.

At the workplace, we need our colleagues. We need to work as a team to accomplish our tasks. At home, we need family. Family stands with us even our most difficult times. It’s “For better for worse, in sickness and in health.” We need friends too and I have heard people say “Friends are blood” by now you must be in agreement that we need people around us.

One of the Biggest English football clubs, Liverpool FC have a great slogan, “You will never walk alone.” Yes football lovers are well aware of this slogan. In all spheres of life we need not walk alone but with others because then we go far if we walk with others. There is no house that can be built with a single pole and there is no forest if all we have is a single tree. “Two is better than one,” according to the Holy Bible.

So today I just wanted to encourage us to create VALUABLE NETWORKS. The power of effective NETWORKING can never be underestimated. Networking will get you a job or a business deal you would never have gotten had you not networked. Networking may just be what you have been missing all along. From today, start networking with people from your profession-go attend professional breakfast and dinner meetings and sell your skills to people in the same profession as you are. Attending such meetings will definitely cost you some money but it is worthwhile. You must use money to get money and that is just the fact of life especially in this capitalist environment in which we live. You will get to grow your network and you just never know what good tidings your networking will bring. Having said that my parting short today is “GO YEE AND BUILD YOUR NETWORK.”


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Are you a procrastinator? Are you indecisive? Are you the negative attitude type? Or do you just give up without trying? You will agree with me that the easiest thing to do when we are faced with challenging situations in our lives is to throw in the towel. To give up. To say, “Enough is enough.” Yet you will also agree with me that nothing good comes for free. That for you to get anything you must fight hard, put in extra effort, extra work. That’s the only way you will reap something.

Look at a farmer for example, they wake up very early in the morning to clear their land, till, plant, then weed the crops they have planted. They persevere harsh weather conditions with the hope that their crop will yield a good harvest. If the farmer doesn’t plant, they will reap nothing. Even the Holy Bible teaches us that we cannot reap where we did not sow.

Those who read the Bible know the parable of the Master and his three servants and the talents. The two who invested their talents excellently and had them multiplied were rewarded handsomely while the servant who dug a hole and hid his one talent even the one talent he had was taken away from him. Jesus himself said in the Bible that those who have more will be added to them and those who do not have, even the little they have will be taken away from them. This should teach us something. That we are all talented but in different ways. Use your talents well. Fight to make your life better. Never accept the ordinary. Instead strive to be extra-ordinary. You can actually do something with your life.

Don’t wait for life to happen to you, happen to life! You can transform your life with a single idea and transform the lives of those around you. So why don’t you get your hands dirty as long as that leads to improvement of your life? You should be able to do this! Nothing will come to you while you are asleep! Nothing comes easy! Everything comes through hard-work so keep trying. And when you fall, please pick yourself up, dust yourself up and continue with your journey because YOUR DESTINATION IS YONDER






Every human being has great potential within them. God created us in his image and likeness and that should tell us that we are great just like God. We are, as human beings capable of doing greater things than we have ever imagined. If we put our mind to anything, we can actually achieve it because we have great potential within us.

The human mind is the most important part of a human being. You need to take great care of your mind. Watch out for what goes in your mind. Only allow positive thoughts to enter your mind. Thoughts that will build you and not destroy you as a person.  Do not for instance tell your mind, “I don’t think I can manage this task.” I would rather you keep insisting to your mind, “I can, I can, I can, I can and I can.” When you have this kind of positive mentality, no doubt you will be able to meet the goals you set for yourself in your private life and even career and other spheres of life.

You must have faced danger in your life at some point. Let’s for instance say you were almost being attacked or a speeding car was coming your way. You gathered energy to either fight or flee to safety, didn’t you? You even jumped and crossed a wide trench that normally you wouldn’t be able to cross even though you were in your tight white pants, right? That’s exactly what am talking about. You definitely twitched your mind to the imminent danger and your mind quickly reacted helping you gather energy to run for safety. You have also watched our athletes compete in the Olympics and other leagues. What you ignore is the immense work that goes into their preparation for such competitions. And even on the material day they must have a great mindset for them to win the contest.

Most of us have gone through pain, or even moments of grief in our lives. What got you out of your grief? It must have been your strong mind and decision to move on in life right? Nobody is supposed to stay in grieving for long. Grief has potential to destroy you forever if you do not get out of it soon. Same thing with any other painful moments in your life including career-wise. You better pick yourself up, dust yourself up and move on because you can.

In short my “sermon” today is about having a positive mindset. Fixing your mind on the things you want to achieve and actually making those baby steps towards attainment of your set goals. Do not wait for things to happen, MAKE THEM HAPPEN. You have the potential within you to become great. Great people are not made great, they become great themselves. I hope today you will quit complaining about how others have been lucky in life and just focus on what you can do to make your life better. Negative thoughts are NOT good for your mind. They will weigh you down. You will not even have energy to wake up, take a shower and go to work. You will be wasted completely if you continue feeding your mind on negative thoughts. So once again I insist, ensure you feed your mind with positive thoughts and vibes and ALWAYS believe in yourself, ALWAYS believe you can, and ALWAYS believe you are the best because indeed you are. THE LION IN YOU MUST ROAR AGAIN. YOU ARE THE KING OR QUEEN ON THE JUNGLE