Every human being has great potential within them. God created us in his image and likeness and that should tell us that we are great just like God. We are, as human beings capable of doing greater things than we have ever imagined. If we put our mind to anything, we can actually achieve it because we have great potential within us.

The human mind is the most important part of a human being. You need to take great care of your mind. Watch out for what goes in your mind. Only allow positive thoughts to enter your mind. Thoughts that will build you and not destroy you as a person.  Do not for instance tell your mind, “I don’t think I can manage this task.” I would rather you keep insisting to your mind, “I can, I can, I can, I can and I can.” When you have this kind of positive mentality, no doubt you will be able to meet the goals you set for yourself in your private life and even career and other spheres of life.

You must have faced danger in your life at some point. Let’s for instance say you were almost being attacked or a speeding car was coming your way. You gathered energy to either fight or flee to safety, didn’t you? You even jumped and crossed a wide trench that normally you wouldn’t be able to cross even though you were in your tight white pants, right? That’s exactly what am talking about. You definitely twitched your mind to the imminent danger and your mind quickly reacted helping you gather energy to run for safety. You have also watched our athletes compete in the Olympics and other leagues. What you ignore is the immense work that goes into their preparation for such competitions. And even on the material day they must have a great mindset for them to win the contest.

Most of us have gone through pain, or even moments of grief in our lives. What got you out of your grief? It must have been your strong mind and decision to move on in life right? Nobody is supposed to stay in grieving for long. Grief has potential to destroy you forever if you do not get out of it soon. Same thing with any other painful moments in your life including career-wise. You better pick yourself up, dust yourself up and move on because you can.

In short my “sermon” today is about having a positive mindset. Fixing your mind on the things you want to achieve and actually making those baby steps towards attainment of your set goals. Do not wait for things to happen, MAKE THEM HAPPEN. You have the potential within you to become great. Great people are not made great, they become great themselves. I hope today you will quit complaining about how others have been lucky in life and just focus on what you can do to make your life better. Negative thoughts are NOT good for your mind. They will weigh you down. You will not even have energy to wake up, take a shower and go to work. You will be wasted completely if you continue feeding your mind on negative thoughts. So once again I insist, ensure you feed your mind with positive thoughts and vibes and ALWAYS believe in yourself, ALWAYS believe you can, and ALWAYS believe you are the best because indeed you are. THE LION IN YOU MUST ROAR AGAIN. YOU ARE THE KING OR QUEEN ON THE JUNGLE

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