Are you a procrastinator? Are you indecisive? Are you the negative attitude type? Or do you just give up without trying? You will agree with me that the easiest thing to do when we are faced with challenging situations in our lives is to throw in the towel. To give up. To say, “Enough is enough.” Yet you will also agree with me that nothing good comes for free. That for you to get anything you must fight hard, put in extra effort, extra work. That’s the only way you will reap something.

Look at a farmer for example, they wake up very early in the morning to clear their land, till, plant, then weed the crops they have planted. They persevere harsh weather conditions with the hope that their crop will yield a good harvest. If the farmer doesn’t plant, they will reap nothing. Even the Holy Bible teaches us that we cannot reap where we did not sow.

Those who read the Bible know the parable of the Master and his three servants and the talents. The two who invested their talents excellently and had them multiplied were rewarded handsomely while the servant who dug a hole and hid his one talent even the one talent he had was taken away from him. Jesus himself said in the Bible that those who have more will be added to them and those who do not have, even the little they have will be taken away from them. This should teach us something. That we are all talented but in different ways. Use your talents well. Fight to make your life better. Never accept the ordinary. Instead strive to be extra-ordinary. You can actually do something with your life.

Don’t wait for life to happen to you, happen to life! You can transform your life with a single idea and transform the lives of those around you. So why don’t you get your hands dirty as long as that leads to improvement of your life? You should be able to do this! Nothing will come to you while you are asleep! Nothing comes easy! Everything comes through hard-work so keep trying. And when you fall, please pick yourself up, dust yourself up and continue with your journey because YOUR DESTINATION IS YONDER



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