No man is an island. We all live in a community because human beings by their very nature are social animals. In life, we need each other so that we then successfully navigate the unpredictable life occurrences. In the book of Genesis, when God had created man, He saw that man needed a helper. God realized that man could not stand alone and that is why God created Eve from Adam’s rib. That should teach you something, that as a human being you need people around you. But make no mistake to assume that I am saying you need every Tom, Dick and Harry in your life. No I never meant that you need mediocre people in your life. Choose the people you allow in your inner circle carefully. Only have people who impact your life positively in your inner circle. Avoid people who add no value to you or those who pull you down.

At the workplace, we need our colleagues. We need to work as a team to accomplish our tasks. At home, we need family. Family stands with us even our most difficult times. It’s “For better for worse, in sickness and in health.” We need friends too and I have heard people say “Friends are blood” by now you must be in agreement that we need people around us.

One of the Biggest English football clubs, Liverpool FC have a great slogan, “You will never walk alone.” Yes football lovers are well aware of this slogan. In all spheres of life we need not walk alone but with others because then we go far if we walk with others. There is no house that can be built with a single pole and there is no forest if all we have is a single tree. “Two is better than one,” according to the Holy Bible.

So today I just wanted to encourage us to create VALUABLE NETWORKS. The power of effective NETWORKING can never be underestimated. Networking will get you a job or a business deal you would never have gotten had you not networked. Networking may just be what you have been missing all along. From today, start networking with people from your profession-go attend professional breakfast and dinner meetings and sell your skills to people in the same profession as you are. Attending such meetings will definitely cost you some money but it is worthwhile. You must use money to get money and that is just the fact of life especially in this capitalist environment in which we live. You will get to grow your network and you just never know what good tidings your networking will bring. Having said that my parting short today is “GO YEE AND BUILD YOUR NETWORK.”


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