1. Arm yourself with knowledge

As they say, knowledge is power. It will liberate you mentally and even physically. If you are looking to get ahead in career, business or life in general, you got to be knowledgeable. Read widely! To quote my pastor Mr. Ambose Nyangao, “Leaders read and those who read lead.

  1. Have a clear Vision

Set SMART goals for yourself in life. Your vision must be as clear as daylight. There is nowhere you are going if you do not have a vision and goals. To add to that you must devise strategies to help you achieve your life goals and ultimately get you to where you wanna be. A visionless person can be compared to a traveler who sets off for an aimless journey with no known destination. The traveler will of course get fatigued on the way because there is no target, no destination, no motivation, it’s a journey to no known place, a journey to nowhere!

  1. Make a to-do list.

It is absolutely important to make a ‘to do list’ and cross off things that have been achieved daily. A ‘to do list’ is just your daily plan of the things you want to achieve on a daily basis. It is important to celebrate every success however little it is. That gives you the energy, motivation and will to keep going however tough the going may be.

  1. Let go of your past


One of the biggest most people including me do is to hold to our dark, painful, agonizing past occurrences.  We must learn to let go of the past. Our past should only inform our present and future but it does not define us. We must learn from our past mistakes and omissions to live better lives today and in future. To put it plainly, let bygones be bygones. However much you agonize about what you did or failed to do, you will NEVER change your past BUT you have an opportunity to change your present and future!

  1. Develop a positive attitude

My better half always encourages me to try as much as possible to be positive in life. She preaches to me daily that I should stop focusing on the negative side of things and focus only on the positives. I will not pretend that life will always be rosy, NO. There will be ups and downs in life, very painful as well as very happy moments in life. How you deal with your painful moments, rise up from them, dust yourself up, fill yourself with positive energy and tell yourself that your tomorrow will be greater than today will make all the difference. Do not allow yourself to wallow and drown in self-pity and negative energy. Rise up because your situation will surely be better and you can make it better. Tell yourself every morning that you can make it and for sure you will. Smile more often and be good to people. Being good to others will not cost you anything. Remember positive energy attracts positive energy and vice versa so go out there and put a smile on someone’s face today.

  1. Follow your passion


Most people will be fooled into taking short cuts in life just to get ahead. For instance, some of us will take jobs that we do not love just because of the heavy paycheck involved only to become frustrated because that job is not anywhere near what we are passionate about. This is a mistake many young graduates make and by the time we realize we are in the wrong jobs it’s too late in the day. My advice to young people is to please follow your passion. Struggle to do what you are passionate about because at the end of it all, the fruits you will reap will be worth the effort. If you are passionate about a particular career, start down there and build yourself up, gather the knowledge and experience you require and I can assure you that sooner than you think you will be up there. If it’s a business idea that you have, work on it. Those little baby steps will one day grow into long strides like those of Usain Bolt.


  1. Have a mentor

We all need a mentor (s) in life. We need to connect with people who have walked the same path that we want to walk. Someone who has done the business you want to venture in, someone who is senior in a profession you are passionate about, yes someone who has been there before us. We need these people to guide our steps. One advantage of having a mentor is that we do not have to make the same mistakes they have made. Choose your mentors carefully though. In an earlier article I cautioned us against being mentored by failures or losers. A loser will only mentor you to become a fellow loser. Choose people who have success stories for your mentor. You got to swim in the right pond.  People who will tell you how they made it so that you too can follow their footsteps to success.

  1. Work your ass off

work your ass off

Do not choose shortcuts in life. Do not be corrupt because you may never enjoy the proceeds of corruption. People who get ahead in life work their asses off. You got to work hard if at all you want to be wealthy and successful. Wake up early, go out there and work and build an empire for you and your family. If you are employed, I will advise you to work hard BUT ensure your hard work is noticed. If you are not being noticed then you could as well be doing nothing!

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