The power of mentorship cannot be overstated. Mentorship is so important in every sector of our lives be it in career, business, spiritually, in marriage and even family. You just need someone who has gone ahead of you in life to guide you through the way so that you don’t repeat the mistakes made by those who have gone ahead of you. You should learn from their mistake and not commit the same. That is for instance why there is usually a big difference between those children who grew up with loving parents and those whose parents weren’t loving, were abusive or were just absent. Those with loving parents will tend to grow up into responsible young adults and when they finally get married and have their own children, they will instill in them values, some of which their very own parents instilled in them. Even the bible says, “Train a child in the ways of the Lord and they shall never depart from such ways.”

Find a mentor today if you don’t have one already. One of the greatest mistakes I have seen young people make is to assume they are Mr. or Mrs. “Know it all” and are unwilling to submit to any authority. This is suicidal! Do you find yourself at times criticizing people who are doing better than you in life? Have you found yourself questioning how they got their money and talking negatively about it? That maybe they stole or got their money through other fraudulent means? Well I have often been accused of doing this myself. This is a self-defeatist attitude that must be overcome. Instead of criticizing the people who are doing well in life, why don’t you understudy them to find out how they became wealthy? Why not humble yourself and let them show you how they cracked the puzzle? I bet it will be beneficial to you to find out what else you need to do to become wealthy instead of criticizing the wealthy in society. Even God has never wanted us to be poor. He (God) wants us to enjoy our lives on earth. He commanded us to conquer the earth and subdue the earth.

Well having said that, I should caution you to choose your mentors carefully. NEVER allow a loser to mentor you. I repeat, NEVER allow a loser to be your mentor. Failure will definitely breed failure! Choosing a mentor is an involving task. My advice is that you go for someone who is older than yourself, someone who is doing way better than you, someone who is wise, someone you respect naturally and someone who would be an authority in your life. Look for someone who will inspire you to work hard, get out of your comfort zone and become something in life. Look for a mentor who will open up your eyes to see opportunities in life. Look for a mentor who will say it to you as it is and NOT someone who will sugarcoat the truth. Remember sometimes we need the truth to be told to us in black and white for us to open our eyes.

Well now you know what to do. Let’s go out and find ourselves appropriate mentors. AVOID LOSERS LIKE THE PLAGUE when looking for a mentor. Choose your company carefully. Losers and failures have no other name but that! All the best and let us meet on this forum to engage more.




new employeeLet me surprise you today by telling you that money is not the ultimate motivator in a job. The size of the paycheck matters yes but it’s not a motivator in itself. There are many other factors that will make you happy, motivated and engaged in your job apart from the heavy paycheck. Below are just but a few of the things you need to consider before taking up a new job:

  1. A company that is disrupting an industry

It’s exciting to work for a company that is impacting humanity and has a unique business model that is different from its competitors. It is very exciting to be a part of something that could be huge, and working to make something grow to new heights. Watch out for such jobs. Never be ordinary in life. You may want to start small even with a start-up company that you trust will soon take over the market.

  1. People you want to work with

Look at the team or your workmates. Are they really the sort of people you have been looking forward to work with? Work for a company that employs people you respect and who respect you, and one where you will be surrounded by people who challenge you to think. Remember you spend a lot of time at work so you need to look for a place where you can see the people becoming friends beyond just colleagues. That will make it fun to come to work every day.

  1. The company puts its people, not its profits, first

Look for a company that values its employees and treats them at the very least as employees. Avoid companies that put their bottom-line before employee welfare and they are willing to sacrifice employee welfare for super profits. Look for a company where the leaders genuinely care about their employees’ well-­being.

  1. You are excited about the work

Strive to work somewhere that you’re excited to get to when you wake up every morning. Look for a place where you’ll be stimulated and challenged ­ not hand held ­ and where you’ll be encouraged to drive your own projects and ideas. Your company must never feel like a prison. You must be passionate at what you do and it must never look like a punishment. If you ever feel your job is like a punishment and that you are only there because of the paycheck, then it’s time to quit and do something that interests you.

  1. The company will help you grow professionally

Look for a company that invests in the growth of its employee. A company that trains and develops its people and a company that avails opportunities of growth for its staff. A good company should ensure that opportunities for horizontal as well as vertical growth are available for its staff. Be sure to ask what professional opportunities are available. Join a company where you feel confident that when you go on to do something else one day, you’ll be equipped with the skills to be successful in whatever you choose.

  1. The environment is uplifting

Look for a place that recognizes its employees, in whatever method they can. It doesn’t have to be through the use of financial rewards. Great organizations recognize their employees by the use of awards, merit bonuses, or extra special prizes for success. You will for sure appreciate a company that rewards you for your hard work and successes and you will be willing to stick around.

  1. They promote work/life balance

You should look to work in a company that values work/life balance. A company that makes work both challenging and fun.  Always remember that at the end of the day, family and friends always come first. Life is too short to spend all your time behind a desk. Make sure your company lets you enjoy time with your loved ones too.



I can work. Am just different but still created in the image and likeness of God.

In this day and age, it is sad to learn that there are employers who still do not give employment opportunities to the disabled. Our disabled brothers and sisters are entitled to employment opportunities just like their counterparts who are not disabled. As the saying goes, disability is not inability. These guys are smart and they just need to be trusted and given a chance to show what they can do. I have read and listened to the inspirational story of Nick Vujicic who, without limbs is able to do many tasks that human beings with limbs cannot do. It is an extra-ordinary story that all of us must follow. Look for his videos and watch them. Nick is a perfect testimony that disability is not inability. That the disabled people MUST be given their rightful place in society. That we must NOT pity the disabled but treat them as human beings and accord them due respect.

So are you an employer out there who still has that backward mindset about people with disability? Its time you changed and embraced these brothers and sisters. Does your workplace have facilities for the disabled to enable them have peace of mind and work well for your organization?

As an employer, you have a duty to adjust the workplace to accommodate employees as well as job applicants with disability. This is to ensure that the disabled are not at a disadvantage as compared to other employees in the organization. These adjustments may include physical working conditions as well as flexible working hours. You may also make adjustments to workplace equipment, adapting it to suit employee capabilities.

If a physical feature within the workplace creates a disadvantage for a disabled employee, steps must be taken to rectify that. Physical adjustments can include:

  • The addition of a ramp rather than steps to access buildings.
  • Providing disabled toilet facilities need to provided to accommodate those that need them.
  • The widening of doorways to allow for wheelchair access.
  • Repositioning door handles and/or light switches etc to ensure they can be reached.

Well I now hope if you are a Human Resource Directr out there and your organization is not friendly to the people with disability you are going to be the CHANGE we need. Implement these changes at your workplace. Good luck.





  • Supply of drinking water.

91.(1) Every occupier shall provide and maintain an adequate supply of wholesome drinking water at suitable points conveniently accessible to all persons employed.
(2) A supply of drinking water which is not laid on shall be contained in suitable vessels, and shall be renewed at least daily, and all practicable steps shall be taken to preserve the water and vessels from contamination, and a drinking water supply whether laid on or not shall, in such cases as an occupational safety and health officer may direct, be clearly indicated as the occupational safety and health officer may require.

  • Washing facilities.

92.(1) Every occupier shall provide and maintain for the use of persons employed, adequate and suitable facilities for washing, which shall be conveniently accessible and shall be kept in a clean and orderly condition.
(2)The Director may, by certificate in writing, except from any of the requirements of subsection (1) any workplace where, by reason of the difficulty of obtaining an adequate supply of water or the fact that accommodation is restricted and adequate and suitable washing facilities are otherwise conveniently available, or such other special circumstances as may be specified in the certificate, the application of the requirement would in his opinion be unreasonable.
(3)The Minister may by rules prescribe, either generally or with respect to any class or description of workplace or with respect to the persons employed in any process, standard adequate and suitable washing facilities.

  • Accommodation for clothing.

93. Every occupier shall provide and maintain for the use of a person employed, adequate and suitable accommodation for clothing not worn during working hours.

  • Facilities for sitting.

94. Every occupier shall provide and maintain, for the use of a person employed whose work is done standing, suitable facilities for sitting, sufficient to enable the person employed to take advantage of any opportunities for resting which may occur in the course of his employment.

  • First-aid.

95. Every occupier shall provide and maintain so as to be readily accessible, a first-aid box or cupboard of the prescribed standard.




Are you at that stage of your career where you feel like divorcing your job? Do you feel like your job is not satisfying as you wanted it to be? Or that you have reached the end of the road career-wise? These are tough questions that sometime pop up in our career lives especially when things aren’t going the way we expected them to. It is important to handle this stage of your career properly so that you do not get to the stage where you feel helpless as this can easily lead to depression.  Well if you are such an employee who has fallen out of love with their job, worry no more because we have critical tips for you on how to fall in love with your job again.

If only you could return to the honeymoon phase of a job. Bring the fire back with small steps that makes a huge difference.

  1. Take a step back

You may find taking a step back to think and ponder about your career quite important if you are at crossroads with what is going on in your career or even general life. Take an unpaid sabbatical to just think about your career. If your organization doesn’t have sabbatical leaves, take your annual leave and go for a vacation where you will have a conversation with yourself. Allow yourself time to think.

  1. Envision happiness

Think about when you were last happy at work and what you would like to be doing with your time and life. Make yourself happy. Do the things that make you happy. Do not allow your job to make you unhappy. In short am saying choose to be happy. Nobody can make you happy-not your boss, not your spouse. Your happiness is your own responsibility as Joyce Mayer says.

  1. Ask for what you want

Do not ever assume that your boss knows what you want and that they are ignoring you. Neither do you need to wait for an exit interview to pour out you frustrations. Make your frustrations known to your boss BUT in a respectable way. If you don’t speak out, people will never know what you are going through.

  1. Change what is within your control

Begin with your attitude. Most people become frustrated because they are so negative themselves. Start looking at things more positively, smile, thank people, associate with positive thinkers and refuse to give up. You could also start listing like 5 awesome or positive things that happened during the day and thanking or congratulating yourself for having achieved them. Focus on the positives and never be too harsh on yourself.

  1. Start a side-hustle

Quit complaining and start a side hustle for yourself. Stop waiting for opportunities to show up and start creating them yourself. If your job is not close to anything you ever wanted, why not start a side hustle in that area you love, an area that gives you happiness? Well I hope that helps you.





I have constantly been hearing the narrative that life is hard. That you need “connections” in Kenya for you to get yourself a job let alone make it in life. And recently I saw a joke on social media that in Kenya you need connections for you to even be in a relationship! That you need a godfather or sponsor. That you need to know people, “the right people”. That you can never make it in life if you don’t know “the right people.” I have heard that there are those who are willing to go all out to secure themselves a job, a promotion, a salary increment, a tender or just to be in good books with their bosses. They are willing to compromise their values and morals just to get ahead in life.


That some people have made it to the top through fraudulent means isn’t a lie. That however doesn’t mean that all at the top have gotten there by sleeping with someone influential! Neither does it mean that you can never make it in your career unless you use fraudulent and unethical means. I know many people who are C.E.Os today who have gotten there through their hard work, prudence, patience, and exemplary work. I know of someone who has risen from a toilet cleaner to become an MD of a five star hotel in Nairobi. Just like I have met a secretary who has risen from her secretarial position to become a C.E.O.

In short, this myth that you need to play dirty to get to the top of your career is just but that, a myth. It doesn’t hold any water. It is the most useless narrative I have ever heard. I always encourage young people to work hard. Be the best at what you do. Do it as if you are doing it unto GOD. Even if your boss or HR do not recognize you for it, never worry because sooner or later the works of your hands will pay. If you are looking for a job, do not wait for your MP Uncle to help you get a job- go out there and look for the job yourself- apply online. Just remember shortcuts are short-lived. If you got a promotion or a job through a godfather you must always ask yourself the question “What will happen to you if your godfather left the organization?” Would you still keep that job more especially if the rest know that you aren’t qualified and got the job through fraudulent means?


Senior Officer CVM Campaign Job at Safaricom

safaricomLocation: Nairobi,KE
Organization Name: Consumer Value Management Department

Department Description

We are pleased to announce the following vacancy in the Consumer Value Management Department within the Consumer Business Unit Division. In keeping with our current business needs, we are looking for a person who meets the criteria indicated below.

Brief Description

Reporting to the Senior Manager- – Campaign Management & Capabilities, the role holder will be responsible for driving the CVM (Customer Value Management) strategy though management and execution of Safaricom’s One to One customer marketing efforts, innovating and implementing campaign management tools and ensuring extraction of business benefits from the campaign management capabilities.


  • Timely design, scheduling, planning and execution of BTL marketing campaigns;
  • Assume responsibility for accurate campaign configuration to ensure maximum benefit;
  • Be accountable for all campaign outcomes and should regularly communicate these outcomes with key stakeholders;
  • Ensure adherence to customer contact strategies and
  • Ensure campaign program outcomes can be tracked and accountable for correct configuration of campaign tracking mechanisms.

Requirements for the

  • Degree in Business, Statistics, Finance, IT or Computer Science;
  • Deep understanding of Telco billing, data mining and reporting and campaign management tools like NEON, UNICA Campaign, OBIEE, PL SQL, OBIEE, Tableau etc;
  • Very strong focus on Customer insights and proven ability to combine numbers and analytics to understand, predict and influence customer behavior;
  • At least 3 to 5 years Telco experience, with at least 2-3 years running Below The Line marketing actions and campaigns in a Telco environment;
  • Strong awareness of market trends, competitive impacts and market opportunities;
  • Achievement oriented, innovative and creative;
  • Strong interpersonal, people and communication skills;
  • Highly organized, conscientious and detail oriented and
  • A high flair for numbers is a must.

How to Apply

Apply here for the Senior Officer CVM Campaign Jobs